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DAYCARE CENTER IN ESCAZU AND GUANACASTE AREA: is a program of the Costa Rican Health Ministry which consists in Nutrition Daycare Centers for children in high social risk all over the country.

They take care of the children, stimulate them and provide them with good nutrition.
The volunteer needs to be active and love children. Patience, initiative and tolerance are necessary, and the rules of the institution need to be respected. Please dress appropriately, you need to be a good example for the children.


  • To help feed the children
  • To take care of the children
  • To teach several skills and languages
  • To change diapersTechnical training to make handcrafts 
  • To design, manage and evaluate projectsCleansing of rooms Washing of dishes 
  • To help out in the kitchen
  • To play with the children, to teach them Physical EducationYou will be helping with the day-to-day responsibilities. 
  • Technical training to make handcraftsComing up with new and entertaining activities for the children to participate in. 
  • Help out in the kitchenBecome positive role models and friends with as many of the kids and families as possible. 

PUBLIC SCHOOLS ESCAZU AREA: Located in a small rural community.

Public schools have many children and normally there are from 35 to 40 children in each class. Teachers don’t have assistants, so there is a great need for volunteer assistance. Volunteers can help the English teachers or the teachers of Sports or Arts, and if you have a little higher level of Spanish and you would like to help in the class of Science, Math, etc., that’s possible too. You can help either in the school with children from 7 to 12 years old, or in the kinder with children from 5 to 6 years old.

The school have several projects works with recycling, maintenance, work to preserve the infrastructure of the school, embellishment of gardens.

Accommodation with Tica’s families in private room.

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  3. Center Saving the Alcoholic
  4. Senior People
  5. Special People
  6. Nursery for teenage mothers
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