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At ecological projects, the volunteer will be staying in a rustic cabin share with other volunteers and include the 3 daily meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, WIFI.

When you apply to the Social Project

Volunteer will be staying with a typical costar Rican family, here you are going to be able to live the "TICA" life, our volunteers find this experience as one of the best parts of their trip, since they get to connect and build a bond with the families, at the end when they leave, they find there selves with a family in Costa Rica. The volunteers will have at the house, his own bedroom with cable TV, internet, share bathroom, laundry facilities, and the 3 daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

The host families have been carefully selected to guarantee the volunteer he will enjoy the most. From the moment you get to the country, the volunteer becomes part of our "TICA" families. She or he will be involved in all the family activities, they will be oriented as to the places to visit or not to visit, and we will give them a map and complete information on the different bus services. The most important objective for us, is to make sure the volunteer will go back home feeling pleased for their contribution to the Costa Rican society and feel pleased with themselves for having done such an important volunteer work, and of course, fall in love with our beautiful COSTA RICA.

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