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Volunteering in Costa Rica

My name is Jenny Delgado and I represent VOLUNTEER NOW  COSTA RICA.

I would like to invite you to participate as a volunteer through our beautiful country COSTA RICA.

If you want more information, our   WHATSAPP :
+506 8709 7278
or send us an email  here info@volunteernowcostarica.com

Do You want to enjoy the tranquility and beauty on the beach?

Live a wonderful experience saving turtles.
This project is in the Middle Pacific and Caribbean side, surrounded by greenery, sea and waterfalls, the whole environment is very attractive. We work with leatherback, olive ridley and black turtles from January to December, combined with Sloths monitoring.

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  • Belinda
    My name is Belinda, I’m 23 years old and I live in Switzerland. Through the organization “Volunteer Now Costa Rica” I was able to go to the “Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center” in Cebadilla, Turrucares. I orginally had planned to stay there for one week but I liked it so much that I extended my stay for another week (the longest I could). During my time there I could spend a lot of time with lots of different animals, which I absolutely loved. Everything is very well organized. The work areas rotate so you don’t have to do the exact same thing everyday. They also organize a lot of day trips for their volunteers which is quite cool so you get to see some beautiful places in Costa Rica. I met so many great people there, including the staff and the owners. Everyone was just lovely and super helpful. I wish I could stay even longer. And a big thanks to Jenny from VolunteerNow Costa Rica and the owners for helping me extend my stay and being so flexible. I had the best time there.
  • Chloe Palin
    2022 at Make our Oceans Plastic-Free The Most Fulfilling Thing I Have Done in Years This was the most exciting thing I have done in a long time! It's a lot of hard work outdoors but well worth it! I met so many good people and made some of the best memories in years. This program is really good for people who may be at a low point in life like I was before I joined because being surrounded by nature, getting the fresh air, the quiet, and becoming part of the volunteering community did wonders for mental health. Gero and Paula were incredible hosts and always made sure that every volunteer was looked-after and felt welcome. They do god's work in Costa Rica and in the 4 weeks I was there we collected about 3,340kg of plastic from nearby beaches, ranging anywhere from 100-750kg per day. It's probably best to go into this program with some level of upper body strength and even if you don't go in with any, you will leave with more than you started. Like with most things, there is a level of danger in each work day. There are monkeys and iguanas all over the place in the resort and outside of the resort while working we saw wild tarantulas and poisonous scorpions (only a couple in my time there), but I can say with confidences that Geronimo and his team work tirelessly to assist volunteers and make sure the environment is as safe as possible. Whenever there is a spider or scorpion, he always removed it for us so we could continue, and if Gero wasn't around, then Dawn would. On some days we would work only a couple hours because of flash-tides which would only give us about an hour to work and an hour to get back to the truck before the tide came in and isolated certain sections of the beach. That was the first clean-up i did and it still remains one of the most memorable :) After a day working, typically everyone would shower and then go to the bar (or straight to bed depending on how late we got back) and in the event we missed the dining hours that the resort provides, Gero would take us to restaurants to eat so nobody ever went hungry. Breakfast is served from 7-8am, lunch is about 12pm-1:30pm and dinner is 5-6pm it should be noted that about once a week, Gero and Paula lead an "expedition" where volunteers will leave the dorms at about 4-5am, travel 1-3 hours, work for a full day, then return late in the evenings between 6-10pm. These days are almost always tough but they are also the most rewarding because the places you go are scenic, quiet, and in a lot of cases, unique. My favourite was a cleanup on St Lucas Island, which is home to what used to be the Costa Rican equivalent of Alcatraz (which we then got to explore after we finished working). Overall, this was one of the best things I've ever done and I don't regret it for a second :D Note: bring water shoes, medication (if you're prone to motion sickness), and I recommend leaving jewelry at home (you'll constantly be getting dirty)
    Chloe Palin
  • Jenny Qvist
    2023 at Local Animal Rescue Center It was a good experience The staff was amazing and made you feel welcomed at all times. They tried to do what’s best for the animals with the budget they have. It was just a bit sad to see some animals in pretty small cages. But also as I said, they did what they could with the budget. My favourite task was when we got to help the veterinarian when they recieved injured animals to the center. Ask many questions and you will learn a lot!
    Jenny Qvist
  • Susan HERON
    2023 at Animal Rescue Center Supporter Our fortnight looking after sloths We worked on the sloth team for 2 weeks and whilst it was occasionally hard and wet work, it was fantastic. We learnt loads about these unique animals and worked in shifts and in teams with other like minded people from around the world. The rescue centre is well organised, friendly and fun, with great food and evening activities on offer. There's a great pool and the sleeping areas are good, and there are several high quality trips to different places on offer every week. We really enjoyed exploring the area in our free time, as there are plenty of amenities within walking distance. We can totally recommend this rescue centre to anyone interested in working with and learning about the animals of Costa Rica.
    Susan HERON
  • Alex Parker
    2022 at Local Animal Rescue Center Animal sanctuary It's an amazing place, with dedicated staff. Being allowed to volunteer here was a joy ! I loved every minute of it! Jenny is a wonderful host and is very helpful with helping to organising trips . I was made very welcome in her home x
    Alex Parker
  • Larissa Villares
    2023 at Local Animal Rescue Center Lovely and fun experience! I had a great time working at the animal rescue centre. It was a privilege to be close to the animals! There’s a lot of cleaning to do but you also get loads of interactions with the animals (especially at feeding time!). The staff working at the centre is extremely friendly and will make you feel welcome :) My stay at Jenni’s house was also great. Jenni is extremely friendly and makes you feel at home right away. There’s always a good variety of food and fruits available in the kitchen! Highly recommend!!
    Larissa Villares
  • Eyrin Woithe
    2023 at Local Animal Rescue Center Great experience We had a very nice time in Jenny's House, it felt like family, the location was perfect just a few walking steps to the Escazú Plaza Central. There are sports and supermarkets nearby. Also the working hours in the animal rescue center were very interesting, not every day the same, we learned a lot about animals, we had nice food all the time and very friendly young people around. You get to know local people as well as people from all over the world. It was easy to make friends.
    Eyrin Woithe
    2023 at Local Animal Rescue Center Au paradis ! J'ai vraiment aimé mon expérience. Sentir que l'on peut apporter notre soutien pour les animaux est très valorisant. Chez Jenny tout était très bien. Elle est attentionnée, généreuse et s'occupe de nous. Je recommande cet endroit et j'espère pouvoir y retourner dans un futur rapproché.
  • Alexandra Brandenburg
    2023 at Local Animal Rescue Center Local Animal Rescue Center, Escazu I had a great time while volunteering at the local Animal rescue center in Santa Anna. The staff is super friendly and their passion to help animals is incredible. Please keep in mind that the work in such projects it is not only feeding the animals, it is also preparing food and cleaning the cages, maintainance work on the area etc. You will also meet people from around the world which I find is also an integral part of this whole experience. I stayed at Jenny´s house. She made me feel home and is one of the most caring and helpful hosts you can think of. The house and rooms were always clean and the food was very good, also at the rescue center. Thank you so much for everything, Jenny!! It was exactly the experience I was hoping for! Certainly not the last visit.
    Alexandra Brandenburg
  • Maria Giulia
    1. Hola Doña Jenny, acabo de aterrizar en Munich y le quería exprimir lo agradecida que estoy por todo lo que ha hecho por mi💛usted me cuido como una hija y eso es algo que he apreciado muchísimo, siempre atenta a mis necesidades y bienestar, además de mi seguridad ☀️ Disfruté muchísimo de las actividades y de las personas que encontré en este viaje :) por favor salude a Ana, sus hermanos y a Emilio, Paula y Miriam de mi parte :) gracias de nuevo, un abrazo grande desde Alemania y hasta pronto :) Maria Giulia, Italia , Marzo 2023
    Maria Giulia
  •  Lyndsay and her Daughters
    Overall care and consideration for our welfare was brilliant. Jenny was the project co-ordinator for Volunteer Now and from initial communication through to the end of our trip, she could not have been more helpful. I was travelling with my 2 daughters and Jenny made sure we had all the relevant information and help along the way. If you have any concerns about travelling in a new country, I would very much recommend using Volunteer Now with knowing Jenny is on hand to guide you! The work with the turtles was amazing. We worked aprox 7 hours per day broken into roughly 2 hour tasks, starting with morning patrol at 6:15am and finishing with night patrol at 8-10pm. Expect to work as you also have am/pm work in the maintenance of the project as well. Food was great - 3 meals a day prepared by Laura, all local and fresh and very filling which was needed! I would recommend Costa Rica as a wonderful destination and using Volunteer Now as a project base as the level of care you get is very reassuring and you feel safe and secure.
    January 2022: Beach Clean-Up and Save the Turtles
     Lyndsay and her Daughters
  • Yusi C
    The project itself is great! I really feel how everyone cares about the animals and the place in the rescue center. Lots of food to the animals came from locals donation. The stuff maintains the enclosures with whatever material they can find. The story with the animals and are heartwarming. On top of that, my host Jenny is super nice! She welcomed me into her home and really took care of me during my visit. Visiting the local bar and hanging out with her family was one of my best memories. Wish to be back!
    Volunteered in 2021, Project: LOCAL ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER ESCAZU.
    Yusi C
  • Federico S
    What a great time! The staff were super cool, I met a lot of nice people I can now call friends. Every day was an adventure and I couldn't imagine how much we need to protect our envoronment. Don't be afraid, join to this project, you will have an amazing experience and you'll never forget Costa Rica. The world needs you.
    Volunteered in 2021, Project: OCEAN PLASTIC FREE.
    Federico S
  • Isabel P
    Simplemente una experiencia extraordinaria. He estado en el centro de rescate una semana conviviendo con voluntarios, veterinarios y trabajadores. En un ambiente superamigable, inclusivo y muy interesante. El centro cuenta con unas instalaciones envidiables, todo el personal es encantador y diligente, y el trabajo con los animales muy entretenido e interesante. La implicacion de todos es impresionante y el trato.
    Volunteered in 2021, Proyect: ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER - ALAJUELA.
    Isabel P
  • Veronika S
    I’ve decided to find some really good volunteering program and organization. So there was Volunteer now Costa Rica with Jenny. I could not choose better. She has helped me with everything, with every question. They would pick me up at the airport and since i came late in the evening i could sleep in her Escazú program just to get ready for my program with turtles. And that was amazing! It was my dream and the volunteering program in Ostional was amazing. I’ve decided to volunteer 2 weeks, but during those 2 weeks i’ve met amazing people, i’ve done turtle tagging, night patrols, beach clean ups and i would do it again. I’m so glad that i could be part of the team for a while. Thank you for everything.
    Volunteered in 2021, Project SAVING THE TURTLES.
    Veronika S
  • Franchesca
    La atención es muy buena, tenemos las 3 comidas del día siempre que son buenas cantidades, igual si es que no nos gusta alguna cosa o preferimos algo más, lo podemos comentar y nos cambian. Las 2 chicas que ayudan en la casa son muy amable, siempre nos ayudan si les pedimos algo, tenemos toda la libertad de salir si queremos ir a comprar algo o a dar una puerta y los cuartos son cómodos, y los baños igual siempre están limpios. Jenny nos pregunta como estamos o si necesitamos alguna cosa asi que eso es bueno
    from Ecuador. January 03 - January 31st. 2022
  • Hola! Soy Sara, del Pais Vasco, y he estado en Costa Rica de voluntariado. Siempre he pensado que minimo una vez en la vida hay que tener una experiencia como esta y aunque al principio el viajar sola y tan lejos me daba un poco de respeto, he de decir que no me arrepiento de haber tomado esa decision. He podido participar en dos proyectos y los dos han sido muy diferentes, pero a la vez muy enriquecedoras. He conocido mucha gente, gente que ha hecho que esta esperiencia sea unica e irrepetible, gente que me ha dado muchisimos buenos momentos, que me ha dado todo el cariño y amor que uno puede dar...con lo cual he de darles las gracias por cruzarse en este camino. Personalmente, creo que este viaje me ha hecho reflexionar mucho, tomar conciencia de muchas cosas y sobre todo, conocerme a mi misma y arreglarmelas sin la ayuda tanto de los familiares como las amigas. Por lo tanto, animo a toda la gente que quiera vivir algo distinto, que quiera conocer gente y paises nuevos y sobre todo quiera conocerse a uno mismo y madurar, a que participen en estos proyectos. Muchas gracias a todos y a disfrutar!
  • On Tuesday, July 5, 2016 9:23 AM, Sara DiSimoni wrote: I just spent two weeks living with a host family and volunteer teaching in Escazú, Costa Rica. Volunteering abroad is something I've always wanted to do but have been hesitant for a variety of reasons; money, commitment, and simply the fear of the unknown. As soon as I found the company, I had a good feeling. I decided to apply and when my application was accepted in under 12 hours, I couldn't believe it. I called they immediately with a huge list of questions and they pleasantly talked me through each and every concern that I had. After we spoke, I emailed her several times with more questions, and she always responded to my emails within hours. I was sold and decided to go for it! Upon arrival I was greeted by my coordinator. She showed me all around the town before bringing me to see the school that I would be working at and finally to meet my family. My host family was nothing short of amazing. I was told before leaving the states to brush up on my Spanish but that really knowing the language wasn't necessary, and wow do I wish I had prepared myself more! My family barely spoke English but were so awesome about being patient and trying to communicate with me. I think we developed our own sign language! Whatever happened, it worked. Knowing the language better would have made things much easier though. Take advantage of your free time/weekends and travel!   Have fun! Stay positive and you will have a great experience
  • Hace dos días ya que regresé del maravilloso país que es Costa Rica y recuerdo como si fuera ayer todas y cada una de las lindas experiencias vividas durante casi un mes que allí permanecí. Fui a Costa Rica con el objetivo de realizar un voluntariado social en una de las guarderías de la provincia de Guanacaste, más concretamente en la población de Potrero, un bellísimo lugar de costa con temperaturas muy cálidas que al combinarse con sus preciosas playas hacen de él una mezcla increíble donde poder disfrutar de la manera mas relajante y bonita todo lo que nos ofrece la zona norte del pacífico, abundante vegetación, fauna ….. donde está situado. Como en todos los viajes, en este caso algo mas largo de lo habitual ya que eran aproximadamente unas 11 horas de vuelo, te surgen temores y dudas a lo desconocido. Semanas antes de partir a Costa Rica, había contactado con mi coordinadora del proyecto allí, con quién conviviría durante casi el mes en Costa Rica, Jenny  Patterson. Ella fue muy amable conmigo ofreciéndome todas las indicaciones que debía poner en marcha para el viaje y resolviéndome todas las dudas que me habían surgido
  • Hospedaje Escazu y en particular, Jenny, me ha dado la oportunidad de realizar un sueño que he tenido desde muy joven. Supe que un día llegaría a un país lejano al mío, sola, nerviosa y un poco confundida, y fue así, pero tuve la suerte de conocer a Jenny y superó todas mis expectativas. La casa es perfecta y muy bonita, tiene bastante privacidad y a la vez esta central. El proyecto es muy bonito y los niños son tan cariñosos que al irme me dio muchísima pena. He aprendido tanto de los niños, de Costa Rica y en especial de Jenny y su gran Corazón. Un placer y volveré muy pronto al Projecto y la casa. Hanna Luque – Espana.
  • Voluntariado en Costa Rica. Algunas de las actividades realizadas en una escuela en Escazú y en una asociación de personas con enfermedades especiales. Una experiencia maravillosa y muy recomendable. Muchas gracias a Volunteer Now Costa Rica y  a Jenny y a su familia por darnos la oportunidad de vivir esta experiencia, por el cariño recibido y por acogernos en su casa como si fuera la nuestra, nos sentimos muy cómodas en todo momento. Deseando volver pronto.
  • Volunteer Now is spectacular program, connects others with once in a lifetime opportunity. The coordinator always goes above and beyond. She helped me with all aspects of planning, travel, and has opened me up to so many exciting adventures I would have never thought of. My stay was very pleasant with a beautiful view, amazing food, and surrounded by such caring people. I choose the Local Animal Rescue Center in Escazu Town option and my time volunteering with animals opened my eyes. Never would I have thought I would get to hold a baby sloth, feed toucans as they rest on my arm, or meet such amazing people during my time here. This shelter is really devoted to the animals, giving the best to the animals and at the same time, they also educating people too. In just a short time I got to make a difference however small and got to explore and see such a beautiful landscape.  This is such an incredible program helping our world and bettering our communities for future generations.  March 2019