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Volunteering in Costa Rica

My name is Jenny Delgado and I represent VOLUNTEER NOW  COSTA RICA.

I would like to invite you to participate as a volunteer through our beautiful country COSTA RICA.

If you want more information, our   WHATSAPP :
+506 8709 7278 / +506 8650 1526
or send us an email  here

Do You want to enjoy the tranquility and beauty on the beach?

Live a wonderful experience saving turtles.
This project is in the Middle Pacific and Caribbean side, surrounded by greenery, sea and waterfalls, the whole environment is very attractive. We work with leatherback, olive ridley and black turtles from January to December, combined with Sloths monitoring.

Our Projects


It’s amazing how much of a tightknit community we’ve become. With one common goal of caring for injured and displaced wildlife, we have built a family of caring, likeminded people who truly want to make a difference.

We work incredibly hard, but our reward isn’t financial in nature. Instead, it’s seeing the animals we care for survive and thrive. Our Costa Rican Animal Rescue Center Volunteers are instrumental in making that happen.

"There is no I in team, but we are sure glad there is u in our volunteers" Live a wonderful experience saving turtles.
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